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a multi-media theater performance in collaboration with Freuynde + Gaesdte, Münster

Artistic direction: Zeha Schröder / Max Schumacher
Director for the live-theater part: Zeha Schröder
Performers: Rima Herab, Marcell Kaiser
Recorded performer: Zeha Schröder
Directors for the media-art part: Max Schumacher / Hiroko Tanahashi
Stage design, light design, technology, media-technology: Jasper Diekamp
Musical score and sound design: Daniel Ableev
Musical arrangements singing parts: Zeha Schröder
Programming of the media players: Yoann Trellu
Production management: Analena Blix
Production assistant: Anke Winterhoff

Funded by the Cultural Authorities of the City of Münster, the Cultural Office of the State of North-Rhine Westfalia and the Fonds Darstellende Künste of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In collaboration with the Studiobühne Köln, Cologne.

The French writer and philosopher Georges Bataille and his then partner Colette “Laure” Peignot went in the late 1930ies to Mount Etna on Sicily. They claimed in their writings that this had been a mind-blowing experience – affecting their artistic lives as well as their extreme relationship. This has been the point of departure for the site-specific theater company Freuynde + Gaesdte for a documentary-theater piece. They traveled to Mount Etna to research there the impact of the volcano on artists. post theater has been intrigued by the working methods of their colleagues and followed them on their trip.

The result is a double-layered documentary, a dialogue on different levels dealing with the resources that theater requires. How far do you need to go in order to create art? How much research and how much inspiration can you or should you generate? Together with stage designer and media artist Jasper Diekamp, post theater created a model-version of the volcano as both set and performer. Director Zeha Schröder directs Rima Herab and Marcell Kaiser as Colette and Georges, whereas post theater stages the artificial miniature volcano who received his voice from Zeha Schröder and his soundscape from Daniel Ableev who also composed the score.

The production is the second co-production for post theater in 2011 after the Gluck-opera “Orfeo ed Euridice” – both dealing with the intentional competition between live performers and media, both responding to a production initiated by others. Accidentally, both pieces are highly musical, less of a surprise for the opera, but more so for the “VOY:ag:EURS”. The production can be not only seen as music-theater, but figure-theater, as one “performer” is the animated object of Mount Etna on stage.

Premiere on October 12th at 8 pm at Münster Hbf Station, Münster, Westfalen, Germany. The production will take you on a special ride to a special place.

Further performances on October 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th

– Touring available from Spring 2012 on (cast and crew 4 from Münster, 1 from Cologne, 1 from Berlin, length: ca. 70 min., no intermission, currently in German language, but an English language version will be available as of 2012)
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