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a site-specific multi-media dance performance

Concept / Artistic Direction / Video: Hiroko Tanahashi
Dramaturgy: Max Schumacher

"skinSITEs" is an ongoing series of site-specific video-performances. Since 2002 so far 16 venues in 15 cities in 8 countries have been inspiring performances . The concept travels. The piece is produced completely anew for each version | each time with a local dancer and a local “story” that reflects the history and the present of a building. The performance space is always a window or door, hence, an in-between space that is covering one space from the outside.

"Window” comes etymologically from “wind eye”, as much as a “facade” is the “face” of a building. So skinSITEs merges the body of a building and with the body of a performer | it plays with hiding bodies and revealing them. Hide-and-seek is not just a children’s game, but a technique to approach ontology: in absence you can find presence. The more recent version have been creating meaningful containers - as in relationship to the site in which they are situated - be it a real overseas container in Rijeka or an art container in the art museum / former prison DA2 in Salamanca.

post theater works frequently on what they call “staging disappearance”. Theater | the “place of seeing” becomes a space where perception | and the lack of it - is challenged. We live in times of permanent availability of visual and other information. By intentionally reducing and de-constructing media perception, post theater tries to enhance the media that constitute a live performance | including the live bodies of a building, and a dancer.

  title venue/date

Olga's Wall Brewery into ruin
Dancer/choreographer: Ana Vilenica
2 turn over Theater in transition
Theater am Halleschen Ufer
Dancer/choreographer: Kathinka Walter
3 re:current@ Power station into a dance thetater
City of Women Festival
2004/ Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Dancer/choreographer: Valentina Ciabro
4 archLive
Inbetween an archive and a cafe
Patravadi Theater
Dancer/choreographer: Saroche gTimh Placktag
5 rawHide Tannery into sculpture museum
Dance Week Festival
Dancer/choreographer: Selma Banic
6 larger larger
Brwery into cultural complex
Stromereien Festival
Dancer/choreographer: Nurya Egger
7 open account Harbour storage into art space
BankART 1929
2005/Yokohama (Japan)
Dancer/choreographer: Alice Hiiragi
8 PrePhase Fame in transition
Yamaguchi Center for Media Arts
Dancer/choreographer: Richi Owaki
9 Past Tune Japanese radio station into human rights museum
Taipei 228Memorial Museum
2007/Taipei (Taiwan)
Dancer/choreographer: Der-Fong Ke
10 Angel Angle A church
2007 /Street Art Festival
Porec (Croatia)
Dancer/choreographer: Zak Valenta
11 Cell Out a former prison turned into a contemporary art museum
DA2 / 2008 / Festival Castila y Leon, Salamanca (Spain)
Dancer/choreographer: Alicia Soto
12 Cargography A town square in transformation
2008 /Rijeka Summer Night Festival
Rijeka (Croatia)
Dancer/choreographer: Selma Banich, Zak Valenta
13 memento mori At the theater Mercat de les Flors
at IDN Festival
Dancer/choreographer: Alicia Soto
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