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an inter-disciplinary approach to performance, space and media


Version 1 (2004) gper_vilion | A Landscape Periscopeh
  Artistic Director Max Schumacher
  Venue / Occasion Rohkunstbau Festival Gross Leuthen, Brandenburg
Dorf in die Metropole, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Version 2 (2006) "HAUS/HOMEh
  Artistic Director Kazue Ikeda
  Venue / Occasion St.Elisabeth | Church, presented by Dock 11, Berlin
Version 3 (2006) "The Commercial Projecth
  Artistic Director Hiroko Tanahashi
Max Schumacher
  Venue / Occasion

"50th Anniversary of German TV Commercialsh
K21, Duesseldorf,
Unionhalle, Frankfurt
Briese Studios, Hamburg
Haus der Kunst,

Core Team
Concept / Dramaturgy: Max Schumacher
Architect: Christian Fuchs (ON Architektur)
Artistic Director / Video: Hiroko Tanahashi

per_vilion is a hybrid between a performance space, a lounge, a pavilion and media installation. It deals with gperceptionh and gpavilionh - and works as a gperiscopeh - hence the name gper_vilionh. With complex video projections the landscape or architecture around the object becomes visible. There are two conflicting ways to see action - as video or directly. Both types of gaze are juxtaposed in and with the per_vilion. The audience or the performers who enter the space become part of the video image. It allows both, dancers and visitors, to play with their own image. It is a perfect tool for choreographers who want to explore | literally - a new direction in dance - and combine a multi media approach with site-specific relevance.

post theater [new york / berlin / tokyo] has developed a hardware for which it created performances, as well as commissioned others to do so. Several choreographers and video artists were invited to explore the relationship between movement / the body and architecture / cityscape / landscape. The installation allows the video to be in the position of background, underground, foreground and performer - for the human performer to play with in real time.

hThe Commercial Project"

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