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Fight Club: A Chorus
2nd version premiere: October 2008, Berlin
1st version premiere: November 2007, Singapore
A Massive Theater Choreography for 48 Performers

Super-Gravity -Zero -Gravity
Premiere: June 2008, Salamanca
A dance-theater performance in collaboration with Alicia Soto on weightlessness and (dis-)orientation.
Napoleon D. [with video documentation]
Premiere: April 2008, Berlin
A show about men, the internet, politics, sex. Oh, and dance.
Beau Fort 10 [with video documentation]
On female figures in aivation history
The last chapter of the trilogy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
Figure 8 Race Remix [with video documentation]
On the ambivalence of movement in the relationship between the body and cars
The second chapter of the tiropgy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
6 Feet Deeper [with video documentation]
On Calamity Jane and railroad history
The first chapter of the tiropgy "6-8-10"
in collaboration with Maren Strack
per-vilion [with video documentation]
An inter-disciplinary approach to performance, space and media
Now version IV available "Flatland" (premiered in Salamanca, 2008)
Heavenly Bento [with video documentation]
Multimedia documentary theater based on the history of SONY
A performance for only two audience members in complete darkness - about complete darkness.
skinSITEs series [with video documentation]
Site-specific multimedia performance series
Calling Class
Telephone performance to improve your telephone skills!
Last Circus
An interactive performance about the dissaperance of live performances in the future
delicious MOVES
An installation to please your eyes and taste bud based on Japanese Bentos
Monumental X-Mas [with photo documentation]
Premiere: December 2007
Edible landmarks for an altenative X'mas celebration.
Casting Hunger Artist
Premiere: November 2007
A performance about a casting for a dance production based on Kafak's gA Hunger Artisth
I in wonderland
Premiere Fall 2012, Stuttgart.
An automatic performance based in illustrated children’s books.”
Premiere: December 2011, Bremen

Based on a popular and xenophobic canon, post theater invites female choreographers to co-explore the striking connotations this globalized and globalizing drug has.
This piece is a winner of "Bremer Autoren- und Produzenten-Award".

Premiere: October 12th, Münster

post theater collaborates with Freuynde und Gaesdte, a Münster-based theater company.

August 10th - beginning of September, Berlin
post theater serves "Sustainable Sushi" with the mobile installation "nekkko".
The Four of the Gas Station
Premiere: December 2010.
Radialsystem, Berlin
Premiere of the German version: May 2011, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart”
A performative installation with a mobile theater about the resources petroleum and friendship - based on the German musical film classic “Die Drei von der Tankstelle” (1930). The audience will be led to a vintage car which turns out to be the theater.
Orfeo ed Euridice
July 29th, 30th and 31st, 2011
In collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude and Musikpodium Stuttgart.”
Open air at Scholoss Solitude, Stuttgart

Express Fight Club
Premiere 16-performers Version Berlin, December 2008
Premiere 21-performers version Salamanca, June 2009
Premiere 30-performers version Berlin, February 2010
A Media-Guided Theater-Choreography
“Premiere 30-performers German version, May 2011, Deutsches Nationaltheater, Weimar”

Schnittstelle Figaro
Premiere : October 17th, 2010, Berlin
Music-Theater Performance with future hair professionals
Fish Tales
Premiere solo version: August 2009, Zurich
Premiere Full scale version: March 2010, Berlin
An object theater performance on three types of global fish

contrabass [with video documentation]
Premiere: December 2008, Berlin
A music theater performance about and with a large instrument, performed by five different artists