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Musical theater-performance

The barber as intriguing figure between social layers. Hairdressing characters from various operas inspire a multi-media performance with future hair professionals.

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Premier:October 17th, 2010 | 3:00 pm
Additional performances Oct. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th and 27th | 7:30 pm

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> Raido report on RBB Kulturradio (15.10. 2010)


State Opera Berlin

Idea / dramaturgy Rainer O. Brinkmann / Max Schumacher
Artistic direction post theater
Musical direction Michel Kollar
Media art, stage design Hiroko Tanahashi, Yoann Trellu
Sound design Sibin Vassilev
Performers Alexander SchroNder, N.N., 48 future hairdressers, the
Choir of the State Opera, 10 musicians of Die Spirale

A production by the State Opera Berlin in collaboration with the OSZ Bodycare, the Borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Spirale, UFA Fabrik
Co-funded by the Fonds Cultural Eduction of the Senat for Culture Berlin

SCHNITTSTELLE FIGARO (Interface Figaro) from post theater on Vimeo.

Right behind the intermediate venue of Berlinfs famous State Opera, the Schiller Theater, is a municipal school for body care professions | including the education of future hair dressers. Their profession has several connections to the genre of musical theater | they provide their service for the singers as crew members of every opera, and they are a frequent topic / character in many operas, including the gBarber of Sevillah or gIl Nozze de Figaroh, but also gWozzeckh and some less known pieces.
What makes this occupation so special is the inter-class relationship to nobility. Upper class members confide to their barber despite of his lower social status. In the intimacy of the physical encounter private conversations are easily at hand. Social norms are quickly suspended.

post theater takes this premise into practice today, moderating a performance-process with 48 future barbers, 10 teenage rock-musicians, 36 choir members of the State Opera, 2 professional actors and 96 audience members. Many of both, performers and audience members will be virgins to the institution and genre of opera. In a performative installation, they will be confronted with Figaro and Co | while services around the audiencesf hair will be provided in intimate one-to-one encounters between audience and performers. Does the hair dresserfs booth turn into a confessionfs chair or a therapy couch?

post theater has tried to blur the boundaries between professionals and amateurs before | for example with their first State Opera collaboration "Fight Club: A Chorusg staging 42 non-artistic staff members of the State Opera.

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