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House of Hope (on Tour)

A theater performance about residing,
residents and residences between nightmare and vision

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Jan. 2016


"House of Hope"
A theater performance about residing, residents and residences between nightmare and vision

Everybody resides somewhere, but for more and more people it becomes difficult to find an appropriate place of dwelling. In most cities around the world the increase in prices for rental housing or apartments for sale is a number one topic in both media and on the streets. Many people are forced to move into less attractive neighborhoods due to the gentrification of down-town areas. Or they are compromising the space of their place - and their comfort. House of Hope starts a new movement against the crisis of housing.

Housing is a basic human right. An houses - all kinds of apartments or one-family houses - are a commodity. Many topics around this market are related to one another: gentrification, globalization, refugee migration, rent-regulations, laws on energy-standards… post theater has done research and then started imagining new forms of living, residing and city planning. A different future of housing. A House of Hope is possible!

post theater blends facts and fiction in their post-documentary approach to theater. They commissioned architects to develop luxury lofts in the venues for the performance of House of Hope. And they developed ways to make the audience part of a board-game-like visualization of housing conditions in urban Europe. And of course, video will help to make the complex subject matter comprehensible. The theater piece speculates on real estate speculation and urban planning.

In Jobs in Heaven (Stuttgart Theater Award 2015), post theater has juxtaposed two contrary visionaries, Steve Jobs and Robert Bosch - who had very different visions of leadership and working conditions. House of Hope follows visionary concepts of housing.

World premiere in Stuttgart: March 3rd,2016 at 8:00 pm
Additional performances on March 4th & 5th, 6:00 AND 9:00 pm
Württembergischer Kunstverein
Schlossplatz 2, 70173 Stuttgart

Berlin premiere:March 9th, 2016 at 8:00 pm
Additional performances on March 10th - 12th, 8:00 pm
Klosterstr. 44, 10179 Berlin

60 shows sold out: "I in Wonderland"

We had a great re-run of "I In Wonderland" in this January at Theaterdiscounter in Berlin to kick off the year 2016.
All 60 shows were sold out. For those, who missed it, stay tuned for the next rerun!


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